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These are all fully functional Clocks.

They all have a quartz movement clock motor mounted on the backside and they operate on one AA battery for up to 9 months before having to change the battery, some have lasted up to a year on one battery. No cords to worry about, hang it wherever you want it to go without having to worry about where to plug it in.

They keep very accurate time, we have tested them and they do not lose time during the course of the year. Great gift for the sports fan in your family, they will love the detail and the fact that they are unique, you cant run to the store and pick one up. Most of our customers loved theirs so much they purchased more as gifts to their friends who are sports fans. Just tell us who your favorite team is and we will begin creating your custom clock. If you have a Sports room or game room in your home, these clocks are one of the best additions for your game or sports room. Finish your room off with a custom team clock Today! You can see the detail and probably think , this thing will cost so much, being custom, they really are not that expensive. you can go to your local box store and buy a battery operated round kitchen clock and spend 25 dollars on it. Most of them are made of plastic, you can order a team clock, round from sports websites with a printed photo image background of your favorite team and pay 50 to 100 dollars for the clock. You can order a custom made clock from us for 35 for regular jersey style and 45 for the Home/Away Style plus shipping. Shipping usually is under 10 dollars depending on where you live in the US. Contact us today and get yours ordered for Christmas, it usually takes about 3 to 5 days to create and ships, you should receive it within 7 to 10 days from the day you order your clock. we communicate with our customers to let them know when it has been completed and is ready to ship out to you.

                                                                     Our Clocks

We have many different designs, Jersey Clocks, Logo Clocks, Helmet Clocks, Mascot Clocks, and Custom Designed Clocks. If you have a custom design you would like to have made, contact us, we can work with you to create a clock that is unique to you.

Our Custom Team Clocks

Check out our custom made team clocks, have a favorite team? you ever wish you had a nice clock showing your pride in your team? We can make it possible, we have Unique team clocks for the most avid fan, great quality and all made by hand one clock at a time. Do you have that Man Cave and it just seems like it is missing that one item that would make it complete? Why not a customized team clock that shows the [ride you have in your team or Alumni. check out some of the clocks we have made for a number of our customers. We have had numerous customers buy them for the sports fans in their lives as gifts. Talk about a unique gift, you cant find them in the stores, you cant find them at flea markets, unless we are there with a booth. Contact us today to have your custom one of a kind clock made. We have a clock in the form of a football jersey, a helmet, a flag , and in some cases a mascot. The clock shapes are unique, we created most of the shapes ourselves, the Jersey Clock was created from images of a real Jersey, just smaller. Attention to detail, when you order a Jersey clock, it has the same markings as the Original jersey , even down to the tag at the bottom. they are very unique and great items for the sports fan.

Barefoot Bayou Clocks

Above are some of the clocks we have made for our customers, they do not always have to be the exact replica of the Jersey, if you want a different color scheme you just tell us and we can do that as well, as evident on the right with the Yellow and Purple numbered Jersey Clock, this is not this teams usual Jersey, although they have worn one on the field very similar to this one. When we say custom, that is just what it means, tell us what you want and we will make it that way.

See below for a few of the other teams we have done for our customers, they are not all the big name sports teams, some are local teams or local colleges, some are done in our creation that we call a Home/Away Jersey style.


Barefoot Bayou Sports Gifts

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