Are you Looking for a Candle that actually smells when you light it in the room, look no further you have found that candle. Not only will it have a great scent throw but it is affordable as well as Eco-friendly. That's right, they are safe for the environment and for the people they are around, unlike candles made from petroleum oil, these candles are made from soy way which is a renewable and green resource. So if you would like a candle that has a great smell (hot or cold) then you have found the right place.


Coming in December our "Mardi Gras King Cake Candle", there is no other scent like it. How do we know, because it is made from several scents that are combined to get the King Cake Scent. Try one today, they have a Great Cold and Hot Throw, a small 2oz. tin can fill a medium sized room with scent like the bigger candles do. We know, we have tested them ourselves and with customers.

Need a gift for that hard to buy for person in your life, you know the one, they have everything, every gadget, electronic, personal items, ect. Then think about getting them a custom made wall clock, you say."they are not a big sports fan", that's fine, we make all kinds of clocks other than the sports clocks. In fact new ideas roll out of our shop quite often, and if you don't see it or have an idea you would like to see on your clock, email us, we might be able to make that idea come to life for you.

Barefoot Bayou

Flame's candle tip of the Month

"Remember to always trim your wicks before each use, this prevents the carbon buildup on the end and reduces smoke when first lighting. "