Are you Looking for a Candle that actually smells when you light it in the room, look no further you have found that candle. Not only will it have a great scent throw but it is affordable as well as Eco-friendly. That's right, they are safe for the environment and for the people they are around, unlike candles made from petroleum oil, these candles are made from soy way which is a renewable and green resource. So if you would like a candle that has a great smell (hot or cold) then you have found the right place.


Coming in December our "Mardi Gras King Cake Candle", there is no other scent like it. How do we know, because it is made from several scents that are combined to get the King Cake Scent. Try one today, they have a Great Cold and Hot Throw, a small 2oz. tin can fill a medium sized room with scent like the bigger candles do. We know, we have tested them ourselves and with customers.

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We will be adding a FAQ sections about our candles and candles in general, as well as candle care and maintenance. We will also have an ask the Candle Maker forum, so you can ask the Candle Maker your questions.

Candles are a science, when we look at a candle we think, ok, some wax, some smell good and a way to burn it. It is so much more than this. Did you know that candle wax comes in many forms and types and each one has different burning properties as well as fragrance reactions. So the next time you see a candle, think about what it takes to make a candle. There are many different combinations to a candle, you want one that smells, this is one of the main factors you bought the product. However, it has to burn properly or you will not get the maximum effect from it.

Have you ever had a candle burn down the middle and not melt to the sides of the glass? This is what is referred to as Tunneling, this mean the wick is not burning hot enough to melt the wax all the way to the edge or the wick is not big enough for the jar it is in. Or it could even be that the fragrance is so heavy in the candle that the wick can't get hot enough to melt all the wax. All of these things can affect the way a candle works and burns. If you ever get one that tunnels or drowns out, here's a tip, once the wax has melted the size of wax pool it can melt, blow it out and drain off the melt pool and it should burn hotter and melt the wax on the sides that it was unable to melt before. Sometime this works but sometimes if the candle is not set up right in the beginning you unfortunately are stuck with a candle that will eventually not be useful as it will tunnel down so far and drown itself out every time you light it. We strive to find that perfect balance between wick, fragrance load, wax, and burning radius.

Flame's candle tip of the Month

"Remember to always trim your wicks before each use, this prevents the carbon buildup on the end and reduces smoke when first lighting. "

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